3 Steps to Get Teams Working Well Together

March 24, 2016 Caryn Walsh

3 Steps to Get Teams Working well together

Teamwork is not that hard, if you get the basics right. Yet more teams are not performing well or efficiently because they (or their leaders) don’t know what the basics are. So here are the 3 steps to get teams working well together.

  • Effective Leadership – greet your people, show interest in them, and treat them well. Make them feel they count and encourage them to have a voice. Lead them by providing direction and giving them purpose, always focussing on being fair and personable at all times
  • Communicating with them well – a common problem in organisations, effective communication is critical for high performance. But it is often left to be hap-hazard and not part of a strategic plan and approach. Introduce systems and processes to keep everybody updated – regular meaningful meetings with outcomes, cross functional teams and projects, team briefing across the organisation and regular briefings and forums with people at all levels in the team and organisation as a whole
  • Train your team to resolve issues as they arise peacefully. Unresolved conflict and ongoing issues kill teams. So up-skill your team in conflict resolution, teach them how to be assertive and work together collaboratively. That does not mean they will like each other all the time, or agree with each other either.

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