An Affair to Remember for your Business


Why An Affair to Remember?

Many leaders, at all levels, have lost their passion, their energy, their verve! They’ve lost their spark! Leading has become ‘all too hard.’ Many are tired – of doing the number crunching, sorting out ongoing workplace conflict, trying to make a difference for their company in an ever increasingly competitive world. The fun isn’t there anymore. The ‘joie de vivre’ left a while back.

The point is: how do they get their ‘zing’ back? Can they? How can they create such a smooth flowing organization that they can enjoy more freedom, choose to go on well-deserved, more regular breaks and spend more time with their loved ones? When most people hear the words ‘An Affair to Remember’ they think of a saucy, passionate and flame-filled relationship between two people, who keep their clandestine relationship from others. I’m not talking about anything sneaky or under-hand. Rather I am talking about being passionate about what you do, having renewed energy in your work and leadership of others, and creating a sense of zest and real enjoyment in your business.

Then you create space and freedom for yourself to pursue your dreams and goals in all areas of your life.