Australian Liberal Politicians are not equipped to be in leadership

August 28, 2018 adminmj

What an utter disgrace!  

Australian Liberal Politicians are not equipped to be in leadership, never mind in the business of running a country.

Look at the events over the last few days in Australian Liberal politics – it’s got the ingredients of a great dysfunctional reality show – infighting, back-stabbing, no responsibility for actions and outcomes and of course, publicaly denouncing each other.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott must be having a smile to himself.

He was once turned on by this same party. We have bigger fish to fry – 1 woman dies every week in Australia due to DV, there is an ongoing citizenship fiasco, increasing energy prices and heightened levels of homelessness, for a start.

And this ‘watching a circus’ unfold sentiment is not mine alone – everybody is talking about it and dropping their heads in shame.

We’re the laughing stock. I spend my life developing leaders in Australia and internationally and yet my own government is embarrassingly inept and incompetent.

I saw this picture and caption below that I think sums it up well. Be our guest Jacinda Ardern, PM NZ.

Whatever you do will be an improvement on what we have. 

Photo Source:  https://www.scotsman.com/news/world/new-zealand-pm-thanks-duke-and-duchess-of-essex-in-new-baby-blunder-1-4759112

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