Australians You Rock!

March 23, 2016 Caryn Walsh

Australians you Rock!

World Leaders collaborating to reconstruct lives.

Australians you Rock! I am in Fiji doing leadership development and I see a swarm of Australian army personnel and aid workers all over the country. We are bringing in food, water, hope and construction components to build homes and help with the total devastation that Cyclone Winston unleashed in its rage.

I am SO PROUD to be Australian. Truly! Most of our troops are deployed on the outer islands, helping people reconstruct their lives. With over 40 lives lost and millions of dollars damage, the real victims are those who lost their homes, their family members, their futures, their everything. But we’re in there, helping where we can and making a difference!

So I am thrilled and proud to see not just Australia, but other countries like France, New Zealand and China, pulling together and trying to help those less fortunate.
My point is deeper than merely providing aid. I am reflecting on how the leaders of different nations can come together, collaboratively, and work in a united way against a mighty enemy – in this case, the wrath of Mother Nature.

Political differences are set aside, decisions are made together and there is a coordinated effort to set things right. To help our neighbors and to do so with a sense of commitment and passion.
It makes me proud. A core aspect of leadership is positive collaborative practice. Today I am seeing this with my own eyes. And it gives me hope!

Picture Courtesy Fiji Sun

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