Caryn Walsh

Joan, 35, feels disempowered about the state of the world, but tells me that she is a ‘lone wolf.’ She questions how she can help the world alone?
The point is if that we all thought that way, we would not get anywhere. We can, and should, all focus on the difference we can make – be that helping a child, mentoring a younger woman, guiding a female colleague who is trying to make her way in a male-dominated career. The possibilities are endless.

Rise Up Sisters. The Time has come!

• We have to take our place more dominantly on the world stage
• We have to be more involved in key strategic decisions affecting nations and the world
• We have to have a louder voice in everything we do
• We have to band together to eradicate inequality (over time)
• We have to reduce the incidence of domestic violence
• We have to stand together, united, to create a better world, free of the crap that happens today

The world needs equality, collaboration, true belief that we can make a difference and help turn our troubled world around, direction and vision, allegiance and solidarity.

How you can make a difference

• Become a Coach or Mentor of younger woman who are unsure, uncertain and need guidance
• Start a Group or Forum to work with Youth
• Join or start a Women’s Network to focuses on community development
• Be part of a community that helps disadvantaged people

Talk is Cheap. It’s going to take Action…. a lot of it!

There’s no point in the ‘tut-tut’ brigade, as I call it. Tut-tut the modern day youth are out of control. Tut-tut the drug epidemic is killing our teens. Tut-tut women get nowhere in business.
No more tut-tuts! Action. What are we women going to do?

  • My small patch …….

    • Coach 4 young disadvantaged women in Fiji
    • Help my daughter’s friend through life crisis
    • Empowered Women, Empowered Lives – a programme for women coming out of Domestic Violence
    • Being meaningfully present with my children and colleagues in everyday life
    • Empowered Women’s Group – meet each month
  • … assist our Big World

    • Get involved in International Aid and Development Work
    • Join the Humanitarian Relief crew
    • Support and coach women of all ages to use their influence to achieve a new world
    • Vocal in areas of inequality and social injustice
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