3 Critical Leadership Styles in Modern Day Organisations

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May 10, 2016
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May 12, 2016

3 Critical Leadership Styles in Modern Day Organisations

Working on 3 continents, we work with different types of Organisations across all sectors, helping them develop their leaders and people so that their Organisations can be transformed.

The question we are often asked is:

‘Which leadership style to use, when?’

Those of you conversant in leadership theory would know that the answer to that is ‘It depends on the person and situation.’  Whilst each style has its place, we believe that the three most important in modern day leadership are:

  • Transformational Leadership (Leaders focus on many ways to help their people develop both professionally and personally and in the process, grow the leader too)
  • Servant Leadership – the leader who lives the philosophy of serving their people every day by providing them with the resources and know-how to do the very best they can and developing them as individuals and teams
  • Situational Leadership – leading differently, depending on the competence, experience of the person and situation in which they are

Whichever style is used, or a combination of all, the critical relationship skills are active listening, empathy, open ended questioning skills, optimism and a sense of humour.  How well do you perform on these?

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