8 Top Tips for creating a clear Organisational Vision

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May 3, 2016
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8 Top Tips for creating a clear Organisational Vision

You walk into the Reception and there it hangs – the Company’s Vision.  Ask any employee to tell you what it is and the vast majority of them have no idea.

A Company’s Vision is a great idea if it provides direction.  The problem is that most of them don’t.  They just occupy a frame on a corporate wall.

Without a Vision, the organization is rudderless, like a boat drifting in the ocean. Going nowhere fast. And it’s reflected in the bottom line.



Source: http://knowledgenet.carmichaelcentre.ie/articles/defining-your-organisations-purpose-importance-vision-mission-and-values

8 Top Tips for creating a clear Organisational Vision

  1. Get your people to design a Vision. Customers, leaders, staff and stake-holders can be included.
  2. Create a ‘can do’ and innovative culture. Encourage everybody to express their thoughts and the direction of the Company in a positive way. As a leader, you may be surprised what you can learn.
  3. Use reflective practice as an ongoing ritual. Take time out to think about the direction of your organisation and what can be improved
  4. Be the change you want to see in the future.  Leaders need to model the way, encourage the heart (of their people) and enable them to act. Incorporate this in your Vision
  5. Ensure the Vision truly reflects what the Organisation strives for.
  6. Your Company’s Vision also inherently asserts the solution it provides to others
  7. Keep the Vision short and to the point
  8. Long winded and elaborate Visions often become too complex, confusing and people in the organization lose sight of what it actually stands for. Or what it is.

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