Confusing the roles of Leader and Manager – does it really matter in modern day Organisations?

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July 5, 2016
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Confusing the roles of Leader and Manager – does it really matter in modern day Organisations?

In most Organisations within which we work, we regularly find that there is often a confusion between the roles and responsibilities of a Leader and that of a Manager. In some discussions I have had, relatively senior people believe they are the same role.

Simply, they are not.

All businesses need both leaders and managers – people who can carve the Vision, see the big picture and take the troops and Organisation forward (Leaders) and those who maintain daily systems, disciplines and operations (Managers). In many smaller organisations, one person can play both roles, although the trick for the individual is knowing which role they are playing at any time, when and with what end in mind.

Small Businesses

In small businesses, for example, often the Leader also has to manage on a daily basis and because of this, they can get drawn into solving daily operational issues. This is not necessarily problematic, but it tends to become so when the individual remains in the Manager role (daily focus on detail) and does not work on business development or ‘big picture’ activities.

Simply, the person spends more time working in, not on, the business.

The Danger

The danger of this is not enough energy and resources are spent on obtaining more clients, forging partnerships with other Organisations, creating alliances and networking significantly. Driving the Company forward. The work of the Leader.

If you are a small business, pay attention to these differences and ensure that you have a balance between both. It is productive to ensure that daily operations and tasks are completed efficiently, but not at the expense of gaining more clients and growing the business.

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