Eddy McGuire’s aggressive comments normalise bullying behaviour

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June 20, 2016
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Eddy McGuire’s aggressive comments normalise bullying behaviour

Holding Media Moguls accountable!

The recent incident with Channel 9’s media mogul Eddie McGuire’s making demeaning and derogatory comments about The Age’s chief football writer Caroline Wilson is a prime example of bullying in its boldest form.

It’s not McGuire’s first insulting comment on air either, as he is notoriously known for his 2013 derogatory comments about Sydney Swans player Adam Goodes.

His latest comment about Ms Wilson further added insult to injury as it was made in the context of raising money for research into motor neuron disease.  He suggested that we would be prepared to pay $50 000 to see Ms Wilson drowned in a freezing tub and that others could pay $10 000 to leap on her.

Typically the behaviour of a bully, McGuire ensured that other football luminaries were also involved in ‘the joke.’ Those involved laughed on air at the supposed hilarity of the comment.

Except it’s not funny and in the light of workplace bullying, it’s worthy of serious consequences.

 Media is big business and they need to be accountable

High profile media people, and in particular commentators, because of the nature of their work and the power of mass communication, need to be vigilant about what they say and the impact of their actions on those they influence.  This is the domain of ongoing litigation in many areas as the media are increasingly being held accountable and responsible for how they perform their roles.

McGuire’s comment – making abuse of women ok?

It appears that McGuire is unaware of the recent $60 million given by Turnbull’s government to help deal with the incidence of domestic violence in Australia.  It also appears that the insensitive media mogul has little appreciation or understanding of the impact of domestic violence on those on the receiving end, including injury, psychological harm and death.

More serious consequences needed

In light of the ongoing focus of the increasing incidence of domestic violence, not only in Australia but world-wide, comments like this one made by McGuire need to have more serious consequences attached to them.

They need to learn that it’s never ok.  No matter what the circumstances.

If there are no consequences (and in this case there were not) it makes a mockery of practitioners in the DV field who tirelessly work on, and have as their focus, the safe-keeping of women and children as their primary objective.

Apologising begrudgingly

It took McGuire a while to apologise and even then many doubt his sincerity.  It appeared he made it begrudgingly. It’s not the first time he has got into hot water with unnecessary stabs and unhelpful comments about high profile people, yet he is allowed to retain his well-paid position in front of the cameras and make comments as he pleases.  When does this man learn?

Many believe his employment contract should be terminated.

Get Serious

Unless there are ongoing consequences to this type of behaviour, that condones ill-treatment and aggression towards women, it will be increasingly difficult to change a society rife with domestic and familial abuse.

In the workplace

  • Workplaces, regardless of size, need to have a zero-tolerance to bullying and harassment in their organisations.
  • At all levels, this behaviour needs to be dealt with and consequences implemented, including termination of employment and legal action taken.
  • Be clear about the level of behaviour accepted in the workplace.
  • Have organisational responses and consequences to this type of behaviour, including termination the person’s contract.

For more information about how to deal with workplace bullying and harassment, contact us NOW on info@puremagicbusiness.com.au

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