Eleven steps to create highly effective Companies

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May 10, 2016
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May 16, 2016

Eleven steps to create highly effective Companies

If these steps sound like the magical formula, they aren’t.  Simple, practical steps that we advise our clients to follow in order to reach the pinnacle of their success, regardless of location or industry.  How do you rate?

  1.  Dream – Where are we going? What is the Organisation’s dream? Vision? Does the Leader have, and share, a clear Roadmap?
  2. Roles and Goals – Who is responsible for what and which goals are we following?  Do we all know what they are?
  3. Lead – Leaders motivate, influence, communicate and inspire.  How do you fare?
  4.  Challenge – Continuous Improvement (by everybody) to constantly look at ways of doing things better.  Work smarter, not harder.
  5. Happy Crew, Happy You – Put all your efforts into providing resources, skills and growth for your people.  Productive staff work more competently.  Competence and happy staff = profitability.
  6.  Ask – and tell!  Be curious, ask questions and communicate.  Talk to your staff.  Keep them informed and updated.
  7. Your Family, Your Fine China – Treat your people like a family, like your finest bone china.  They are the difference between you making a fortune or going out of business.  They are your biggest asset.  Treat them like that.
  8. The ‘Yes’ Factor – Optimism and a ‘can do’ attitude start at the top and filter down the organization.  How good are your leaders at spreading good vibes?
  9. Heart – Compassion, concern, care about your people and their families.
  10.  Fun – Fun, celebration, enjoyment.  Make work a place your people want to come, not have to.
  11. Reflect – Ongoing reflective practice to assess how your people and Organisation are going and where to improve.

So simple.

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