Emerging Leaders in Fiji

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June 7, 2016
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June 20, 2016

Emerging Leaders in Fiji

Emerging Leaders in Fiji thriving after finishing Pure Magic’s Emerging Leaders Program

We have spent over a year up skilling 40 Fijian leaders and emerging leaders so that they can competently perform their roles and make an impact in their Organisation.

The learning and growth have been significant. One of the participants, Parnesh Sharma, has gained so much in confidence that he was recently appointed onto the Board of the Fiji National University – and he is adamant the only reason he got there was being a participant on the Emerging Leaders Program.

Shy and initially lacking in confidence, Parnesh would never have wanted to put his point across, let alone join a Board of this nature. Today he addresses audiences of any size, firmly able to stand his ground and get his message across.

But there are others. Leba Mereadani, Sarmeen Sharma, Joketani Drose and Nanise Rokobiri are other shining stars. And all have seen major transformation in their lives since undergoing the 11-day program that is spread over a year.

Joketani Drose, Technical Officer, says that the Program has transformed his professional and personal life. He says he knew little about the importance of clear communication at work, or setting goals for example, but having learned all of this and more, he believes he is in a different place now to where he was a year ago.

Gordon Chalmers, Manager of Passenger Services explains:

The Emerging Leaders Program has made a significant impact on my people and it is tremendous that they have had the opportunity to develop in this way. It was a fantastic investment in my people and I would do it all over again.

Our challenge as a leadership team is to keep the momentum going!

The Emerging Leaders Program

Objective: To up-skill emerging leaders in key competencies and skills so they can move into leadership roles in the near future.

Format: Run over a year. 3 x 3 days plus 1 x 3 monthly review and 1 x 6 monthly review

Readings, research and reflective questions are sent to participants between modules to keep learning alive and continue to transfer to the workplace

Interested in more information about the Program to up skill your emerging leaders?

Contact us on info@puremagicbusiness.com.au

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