It’s not Fraud… It’s a Promotion!

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June 2, 2016
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It’s not Fraud… It’s a Promotion!

Holding down two jobs at the same time!

I was speaking at a Conference recently and was approached by a young manager who wanted to know my opinion on a recent promotion in his organisation.

A casual contractor joined his organisation 18 months ago to run a particular program with their clients in the community.  This person was largely left alone to ‘do their own thing’ as the supervisor and other leaders were supposedly navigating their department through change. Eye off the ball!

A new supervisor was appointed to oversee the department and he discovered that the contractor was holding down two positions at the same time, apparently – as a casual he was invoicing two different organisations for working for them – at the same time.

Fraudulent, illegal!  The story gets better!

The supervisor took this remarkable situation to his leaders WHO DID NOTHING!  NOTHING!

Two months later, the newly appointed supervisor left disillusioned and disappointed.

No problem – the lying, deceitful contractor was PROMOTED to supervisor.

How does this happen?  How can situations like this unfold that question the integrity of the leaders and organisation?

It’s because their eyes are off the ball, systems, policies and processes are non-existent or not followed and dedicated transformational leadership is a pipe-dream!

Then they wonder why the Company loses good people, profits plummet and downsizing is inevitable.

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