Nine reasons why you need a robust and effective performance appraisal process

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May 24, 2016
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May 30, 2016

Nine reasons why you need a robust and effective performance appraisal process

Working across 3 continents, it is staggering to see how many Organisations, across all sectors, don’t have an effective appraisal system within their ranks.

How do you appraise performance if you don’t?  A quick discussion ‘on the run’ won’t cut it, neither will a once every two-year chat over coffee!

Performance appraisals need to be regular and ongoing (even daily) with the formal appraisal done once or twice yearly.

The strategic advantage of an effective and robust appraisal system?

To track Organisational progress

  • To assess what tasks are being completed and the state of relationships within teams, departments and the Organisation overall
  • To grow your people
  • To assess where skills may be lacking
  • To enable Leaders to put development strategies in place for their people in order to improve competencies and capabilities where necessary
  • To identify gaps that may occur in Organisational strategies due to incompetence or a missing skill set
  • To encourage staff to strive for greater competence and career development opportunities
  • To identify star performers and fast track them up the leadership pipeline
  • To identify poor performers

Simply if you are not serious about ongoing performance management, you are costing your Organisation money. Big money!

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