Out with the Old and in with the New!

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April 26, 2016
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April 27, 2016

Out with the Old and in with the New!

When the new leader’s broom tries to sweep squeaky clean…

You know the story.  The old CEO has moved onto greener pastures, or has been terminated, or retired, or whatever.

The company announces the arrival of a new ‘gun’.  Watch the faces of the people in the organisation and you can see them say

  • ‘Here we go again!’
  • ‘Another hatchet person arrives….’
  • ‘I’m already on Seek and have a few interviews lined up…..’

I make no excuse for exposing these truths.  Because each time a new broom arrives to sweep the old deck clean, the crew on ship (aka the staff) know they are in for yet another clean up, spring clean and for some, fast tracks out the front door.

You can’t fault the enthusiasm of the new broom.  After all, they have a mission to accomplish and a reputation to maintain.  Fair enough!  No complaints there.

But what is critical is HOW they arrive and WHAT they do to make their mark.

10 Things to think about when you are a new leader with a broom

  1. Don’t change anything for at least three months
  2. Walk around your Organisation getting to know your people
  3. Show interest in them and what they do
  4. Arrive with an air of natural curiosity and an inquiring mind
  5. Leave pre-judgements at the front door
  6. There is no place for brutal arrogance in transformational leadership
  7. Ask, communicate and solicit the opinions of your people at all levels
  8. Be humble and available
  9. Decide your Vision and that of the Company
  10. Take the reins with certainty, solidarity and collaborative excitement

Then lead with conviction, passion and verve. And your people will stand alongside you!

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