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Unhappy people? Could you be the problem?

The most vital of all modern day resources to any organisation is its people.  In today’s world there is not a single business that can afford to underutilise its resources, most specifically its human capital.

The attitudes of your people towards clients, how they treat them and the manner in which they resolve customer issues, matter! A great deal. Your competitor may have the same product as you do, but it is your people who will ensure clients return time after time. Your people are the greatest competitive edge you have.

Your people are not a difference.  Your people are THE difference!

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How much is bad communication at work costing you?

Does this sound like your Organisation? Lots of misunderstanding of others, no listening, lots of personal agendas and people talking about each other negatively?  If so, you are amongst thousands of Organisations suffering from ongoing relationship difficulties and over time, talented human capital walks out the door.

Unhappy people make unhappy workplaces which in turn, affect the bottom line.

Conflict at work increases when issues are not addressed, frustration grows over time, people start to pull away from each other (not uniting to solve problems they face) and slowly, productivity is affected and profitability is reduced.

Worse still is when organisational leaders talk about others and refuse to listen to those around them.  When this happens, a culture of fear and blame is often created, permeating throughout the entire organisation.

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Eddy McGuire’s aggressive comments normalise bullying behaviour

Holding Media Moguls accountable!

The recent incident with Channel 9’s media mogul Eddie McGuire’s making demeaning and derogatory comments about The Age’s chief football writer Caroline Wilson is a prime example of bullying in its boldest form.

It’s not McGuire’s first insulting comment on air either, as he is notoriously known for his 2013 derogatory comments about Sydney Swans player Adam Goodes.

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Too shy to talk – now a board member of FNU committee!

Pure Magic’s Emerging Leaders Program opens doors for participants

Over the last year Pure Magic International Business Solutions implemented an Emerging Leaders Development Program into Air Terminal Services in Nadi, Fiji.

The Program is designed to prepare individuals identified as potential leaders in the future, and grow their skills and capabilities to take over from current leaders.

It has been fascinating to see the transformation that has occurred.

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Emerging Leaders in Fiji

Emerging Leaders in Fiji thriving after finishing Pure Magic’s Emerging Leaders Program

We have spent over a year up skilling 40 Fijian leaders and emerging leaders so that they can competently perform their roles and make an impact in their Organisation.

The learning and growth have been significant. One of the participants, Parnesh Sharma, has gained so much in confidence that he was recently appointed onto the Board of the Fiji National University – and he is adamant the only reason he got there was being a participant on the Emerging Leaders Program.

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6 blocks to successful Workplace Diversity

We talk about the importance of workplace diversity and the richness it brings to Organisational effectiveness.  Why then, do so many Companies struggle to successfully integrate a diverse workforce into their ranks?  If workplace diversity is so advantageous, why do so many Organisation’s struggle to implement it successfully?

We believe there are 6 main reasons:

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It’s not Fraud… It’s a Promotion!

Holding down two jobs at the same time!

I was speaking at a Conference recently and was approached by a young manager who wanted to know my opinion on a recent promotion in his organisation.

A casual contractor joined his organisation 18 months ago to run a particular program with their clients in the community.  This person was largely left alone to ‘do their own thing’ as the supervisor and other leaders were supposedly navigating their department through change. Eye off the ball!

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Giving a Leadership Award to Somebody We Fired! Fore Heavens Sake, Get Real!

We were approached by a new client yesterday to help them get their communication right!  To ensure that everybody in the Organisation receives the same consistent information each month.  Doing a little digging we discover that the Company recently held an annual leadership awards ceremony for aspiring up and coming young leaders.

The gala event was held in the city, all expenses paid.  The CEO was asked to present the annual awards and nominees were flown in from all around the country. So far so good!
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Organisational Greatness or Mediocrity?

Which are you?

The days of micro-managing people are well and truly over.  Telling them what to do, when to do it and how to perform in their roles is a thing of the past if you want to have an Organisation that oozes collaboration and co-operation. And is successful and profitable.

Organisations have certainly evolved over the years.  Formerly most were land-owners, often dictators. They ‘owned’ their people – serfs, slaves, even women.  The Machine Era (circa 1800’s) later welcomed in the Industrial Age, which has heralded the creation of jobs, paid work and the introduction of officially paid ‘employees.’
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