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8 Ways to Create Workplace Harmony

Research about the cost of ongoing workplace conflict indicates the staggering affect it has on an Organisation’s productivity and profitability.  Countless times we see Organisations that are struggling to resolve employee conflict issues and many hours and resources are thrown at it to  help stem the tide of employee dissatisfaction.  Consider these statistics:
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Nine reasons why you need a robust and effective performance appraisal process

Working across 3 continents, it is staggering to see how many Organisations, across all sectors, don’t have an effective appraisal system within their ranks.

How do you appraise performance if you don’t?  A quick discussion ‘on the run’ won’t cut it, neither will a once every two-year chat over coffee!

Performance appraisals need to be regular and ongoing (even daily) with the formal appraisal done once or twice yearly.
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If you don’t put your people first you put your Organisation last!

To all the leaders out there who have the opportunity and are in a role to develop their people – get serious!

If you don’t constantly think about how and where you can transform your people on a regular basis by increasing their skills and growing their competence, perhaps you should re-think leadership.  Your people are not a difference.  They are THE difference.

Research concurs with this.
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Whingin’ and bitchin’ is what we do around here!

And we’re good at it!

Complaints, ongoing negative attitudes, unhappy staff, people (secretly?) dashing onto SEEK during their breaks.  Sound like your team?  You’ve got problems!

Why?  Because most teams or organisations that have this kind of problem tolerate it.  They allow it to happen over time.  Some even promote it.  The ‘keep ‘em separate and keep control’ attitude.

Time to clean it all up! This is a leadership issue. And usually has not been addressed over time or even worse – the Leader is the source of the negative energy!!
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Bad Bosses – Costing Organisations Millions!

You can throw money, prestige, opportunity and excellent rewards at people to increase their engagement and motivation, but nothing will make a difference if they are stuck under a ‘bad’ boss.  People lose motivation and interest – and profitability walks out the door!

Employee satisfaction is driven by leadership.  A great leader makes significant impact on driving the troops forward.  A bad boss makes significant impact on the troops walking out the door, having secured better employment opportunities elsewhere.

The 6 Bad Boss Types

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Volunteers! A feel good exercise contributing billions to the Australian economy every year.

Last week was Volunteers Week!

It’s Volunteers Week and time to celebrate everything they do for others and the economy.

Apart from the ‘feel-good’ aspect of volunteering, there is a significant economic advantage to organisations and communities that use volunteers to help them run their businesses and communities.

More than 6 million Australians volunteer each year and it is estimated that volunteering contributes more than mining, agriculture, defence and retail industries to the annual Australian economy put together.
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Performance Appraisals! What’s the point?

Performance Appraisals are often on the ‘dreaded’ leadership task list. The session where we have to get honest about how our people are going and deliver bad news, at times.  So why wait for the annual review?  Shouldn’t we do appraisals every day, to grow our people and help our Company thrive.

Recently I spoke to four Organisations that don’t do appraisals for these reasons:
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Five reasons why Organisations fail to achieve high performance

The theory and research abounds about why Organisations fail to get to where they want to go.  Yet not much has really changed about how business leaders can get their people and Companies to thrive.  Much of this is the same. Yet many still don’t get it.

We work on 3 different Continents, advising leaders and business owners about how to help their people thrive and transform their Organisations.  Yet irrespective of where we are, the same five issues remain the same. So if you are in the driving seat, take these seriously. And it doesn’t matter which level of leadership you sit.
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Eleven steps to create highly effective Companies

If these steps sound like the magical formula, they aren’t.  Simple, practical steps that we advise our clients to follow in order to reach the pinnacle of their success, regardless of location or industry.  How do you rate?

    1.  Dream – Where are we going? What is the Organisation’s dream? Vision? Does the Leader have, and share, a clear Roadmap?
    2. Roles and Goals – Who is responsible for what and which goals are we following?  Do we all know what they are?

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3 Critical Leadership Styles in Modern Day Organisations

Working on 3 continents, we work with different types of Organisations across all sectors, helping them develop their leaders and people so that their Organisations can be transformed.

The question we are often asked is:

‘Which leadership style to use, when?’

Those of you conversant in leadership theory would know that the answer to that is ‘It depends on the person and situation.’  Whilst each style has its place, we believe that the three most important in modern day leadership are:
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