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Young, talented Leaders! Big Business! But at what personal cost?

Most successful businesses world-wide focus on filling their ‘leadership pipeline’ as part of their business succession planning, ensuring that they have young stars trained and ready for senior roles.  This good business succession planning strategy makes good business sense, but at what cost?

The recent events in the life of young Parramatta Eels leader, Kieran Foran, highlights the reality that stress and pressure can place enormous strain on the personal lives of young leaders – often at a high price.  Born in New Zealand and NRL All Stars representative five-eighth, Foran previously played for the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, with whom he won the 2011 NRL Premiership. Reportedly Foran has personal issues, the result being he will miss three important up-coming matches to deal with his challenges.
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Happy Workers – Is it all just hype?

You’ve read research about contented staff before.  Yes, you know it’s important, but is it really just hype?  After all, your people come to work to do a good job and then go home, or retire, or leave, right?  Wrong!

Your people are not a difference.  Your people are THE difference!

No matter the size of your organisation, whether you have three people, or 90 000 people working for you, the imagination, creativity and capabilities of your people is what counts.

Research indicates that happy people work harder, are more productive and more engaged in their jobs.  Engaged, productive people mean greater profitability.
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6 blocks to successful Workplace Diversity

We talk about the importance of workplace diversity and the richness it brings to Organisational effectiveness. Why then, do so many Companies struggle to successfully integrate a diverse workforce into their ranks? If workplace diversity is so advantageous, why do so many Organisation’s struggle to implement it successfully?

We believe there are 6 main reasons:
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Good Cop, Bad Cop Leaders

Set and Follow the Rules – or you will get Chaos!

The topic of setting and following rules came up in a Leadership Programme I ran recently.

What was clear is that if firm rules are not set and consistently followed by EVERYONE, they will be broken, loosely followed (or not at all) and complacency and low productivity become the order of the day.

Example: A department has rules that need to be followed.
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Out with the Old and in with the New!

When the new leader’s broom tries to sweep squeaky clean…

You know the story.  The old CEO has moved onto greener pastures, or has been terminated, or retired, or whatever.

The company announces the arrival of a new ‘gun’.  Watch the faces of the people in the organisation and you can see them say

  • ‘Here we go again!’
  • ‘Another hatchet person arrives….’
  • ‘I’m already on Seek and have a few interviews lined up…..’

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Quit the Talk Leaders. Do the Walk!

At times I come into contact with leaders who don’t get lesson 1 in leadership. They just don’t. They say one thing and do another.  They believe that by talking (some do it a lot!) and not actually walking around to see their troops, they are great leaders. Think again!

Take a leader I was talking two weeks ago.  A nice enough guy.  Easy going.  Tells me he gets the job done – well.  He boasts that he’s ‘out and about’ talking to his people each day, spending at least half of his day on the floor with workers or out in the field with his sales reps.  Impressive, I think.
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Living on the streets – the hard cold reality!

It’s like many things in life – you don’t know something if you have not experienced it.

Imagine this:  winter is coming.  It is wet and dismal, with ongoing rain and the incessant aching of muscles fighting off the freezing cold.  

For some, ’home’ is an entrance to a doorway in a back street city building, and for others, they call a particular bench in a local part their ‘patch.’

Dinner (if they are lucky) consists of whatever they can scrounge out of the bin, or be content with scraps given to them by compassionate passers-by.

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Any team is only as good as its weakest link

Platoon!  One of my favourite war movies about the American-Vietnam war.  So many examples of futile warfare and the pointlessness of greed, power and lack of respect for mankind. 

There is a poignant part of the movie where a handful of American soldiers are running to board their Helicopter to return to safety.  In dramatic sequence, you see them board the plane but one has been shot before boarding and is unable to make it …. on his own.

The leader of the platoon clambers off the chopper to ‘grab his man and bring him to safety.

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