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What difference can I make? I’m just one woman!

Joan, 35, feels disempowered about the state of the world, but tells me that she is a ‘lone wolf.’ She questions how she can help the world alone?
The point is if that we all thought that way, we would not get anywhere. We can, and should, all focus on the difference we can make – be that helping a child, mentoring a younger woman, guiding a female colleague who is trying to make her way in a male-dominated career. The possibilities are endless.

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When I work in Organisations, I often witness that Baby Boomers are frustrated with Generation Y who work with them in the same organisation.

‘They’re always on Facebook or some other media.’ the Baby Boomer exclaims
‘They think they know everything.’ others will say.
‘They’re lazy and don’t do their jobs properly.’ some retort.

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Take Charge NOW!!

Another year has gone and another arrived. Many of us make new years resolutions but more of us don’t keep them. We slip back into our old ways of doing things, accustomed to doing what we do in the same ‘old way’ because that’s what we do.

Yesterday I buried a friend. A man I really admired and looked up to. He was 39. Watching him being buried, I was acutely aware of the people around me, whom he has left behind. Clearly devastated, we all feel his loss acutely.

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The issue of Domestic Abuse in Australia – the critical importance of a long term approach!

It is both appropriate and high time that the Government spends money and dedicates resources to dealing with the devastating issue of family and domestic abuse and the recently announced $60 million funding is a significant investment in working towards resolving the problem.

However, there are concerns that the new found focus on this horrendous issue could merely be the ‘flavour of the month’ and over time, the critical importance of addressing domestic abuse in our country will diminish over time. Domestic violence in Australia is not new. Historically it has, and continues, to ruin families and end lives and activists have been calling for a spotlight to be beamed on causes and solutions for a long time.

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Real Resilience – Inherent or Learned?

How do you see a person as resilient? Is it that they are able to handle life’s difficulties well? Is it that they don’t seem to allow things to upset them?
Do you think they are people who are less emotional or less sensitive to what goes on around them?
It’s a good question, particularly because Resilience is a focus on ongoing international research that attempts to understand what it is how and
how people can learn to have more of it.
A basic definition is ‘the ability to bounce back in the face of life’s adversities’. We believe that resilience is a way of thinking, a way of looking at life that
resilient people see hope, or ways of solving problems, or getting over them far quicker than people who are not resilient.
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