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Think on Your Feet

If you are in a customer service role, or you work within the community sector, you come across all kinds of clients and situations. Healthy people, sick people, depressed people, happy people, large people, small people. With clients you don’t always know what you are going to experience every day or what sort of person is going to walk in the door.

In these types of roles you have to think on your feet. You have to:
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Never judge a book by it’s cover

I am sitting in the City, waiting for a client to join me. A homeless man wonders up to me, looking for a few dollars to sustain himself. (With what, I don’t ask but it doesn’t matter! My philosophy is that if I have it and they don’t I will gladly help out.)
As I am looking around my large bag to find my coins, I ask him his name. Joe, he replies. It bet it’s not but that doesn’t matter either. He asks me mine and I tell him.
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HR/Business Forum in Nadi

Caryn Walsh spent two hours on the event of August 11 explaining to members of the HR/Business Forum in Nadi how to have “An Affair to Remember’ with their business.

The Affair to Remember programme comprises 12 habits that Pure Magic has devised over decades of counting to, and working in, organisations.

The 12 stage programme helps business owners and leaders implement a range of creative and practical strategies into business, with a ken focus on people and leadership within companies.

If you want more information on the An Affair To Remember’ Programme, contact Pure Magic on info@puremagicbusiness.com.au

ATS Fiji’s top leaders

Nine of ATS Fiji’s top leaders have completed the second module of their intensive Leadership In Action Development Programme which has been written and designed to grow their capabilities as leaders within the organization.

Round three Is still to come and the leaders believe that the development opportunity they have been given has been instrumental in helping them lead confidently and effectively.

The Leadership in Action programme was written and implemented by Pure Magic International Business Solutions and is part of their international approach to growing leaders and transforming organisations.

Growing Leaders in Fiji

We are in Fiji now, working with a range of leaders in the West, helping them grow in their emotional intelligence and conflict resolution strategies and techniques as leaders.  It is so inspirational to watch them grow, thirsting for more knowledge and information at any time.

Pure Magic is dedicated to growing leaders and people where it goes, in the pursuit of transforming organisations and over time, nations.  We remain dedicated and committed to this vision.


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