Servant Leaders – Why they consistently hit the mark

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April 13, 2016
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April 16, 2016

Servant Leaders – Why they consistently hit the mark

Why do humble, approachable leaders in organisations get the support and following of their people? What do they do to make them a much loved leader?

Simple!  They lack arrogance (nothing worse than an arrogant boss!) and give credit to their people for work done well.

But there’s more:  Servant leaders don’t strut into the office in the morning, expecting the workplace to bow down and greet them, fascinated with their glory and inherent competence.

Top things Servant Leaders do

  1. They listen to their people
  1. They show interest in them, their families and enquire about their wellbeing
  1. They ask how they can help (serve) their staff to perform better
  1. They are ‘can do’ people
  1. They value educating, growing and developing their people
  1. They understand the difficulties and challenges their people have – and show compassion
  1. They are actively involved in helping their people heal when they struggle.
  1. They are always supportive and encouraging and protect their people when and where necessary

Take the Test:  Score yourself out of ten (as a leader) on each of these points.  What are your lowest scores and what will you do about them?  Get your people to assess you for a reality check

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