Unhappy people? Could you be the problem?

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July 5, 2016
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July 8, 2016

Unhappy people? Could you be the problem?

The most vital of all modern day resources to any organisation is its people.  In today’s world there is not a single business that can afford to underutilise its resources, most specifically its human capital.

The attitudes of your people towards clients, how they treat them and the manner in which they resolve customer issues, matter! A great deal. Your competitor may have the same product as you do, but it is your people who will ensure clients return time after time. Your people are the greatest competitive edge you have.

Your people are not a difference.  Your people are THE difference!

No matter the size of your organisation, whether you have three people, or 90 000 people working for you, the imagination, creativity and capabilities of your people is what counts.

Research indicates that happy people work harder, are more productive and more engaged in what they are doing.  Engaged, productive people mean greater profitability.

Leaders around the globe need to realise that their first role, every day, is to make sure they have provided everything needed to ensure happy, productive people are part of their workforce. And they treat them superbly.

Research in how leaders impact their people is significant.

According to Gottschalk, ‘Leaders can shape employee attitudes and behaviour by exhibiting strategies that reflect higher levels of key psychological resources (such as optimism and hopefulness) and help create a positive and productive workplace.’

If you aren’t seeing this as a Leader, could you be the problem? Examine your attitudes towards your people and assess how well you engage with your staff, including leading in a positive way.  If things are not happy at your workplace camp, according to research it starts at the top.  The question is, what will you do about it?

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