What is this? A Kindergarten?

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April 7, 2016
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April 13, 2016

What is this? A Kindergarten?

When your team members don’t get on!

You’ve heard it all before.  One team member isn’t prepared to put in the extra effort to cover for their ‘lazy’ team member, or team member A does not talk to team member B who sides with team member C.

It reminds me of a kindergarten, with children fighting about nothing, ignoring others who annoy them and telling tales to the teacher (in this case Manager.)

Besides being ridiculous and childish, bad team relationships cost us money.  Big money!  The longer the war in the team rages on, the less the productivity, the lower the efficiencies and the plummeting of the profits. Simple!

How to reduce your Team’s Kindergarten environment

  • Have solid rules and a code of conduct (developed by the team) about behavioural guidelines
  • Don’t tolerate sub-standard behaviour
  • Train your team to talk issues through and resolve issues
  • Never leave issues unresolved in the hope they will ‘disappear’

Team Test – Take the test to see how well you team fares

  • All of my team members have good relationships with each other
  • Conflict seldom occurs in my team and when it does, we resolve it
  • We resolve issues that arise and don’t carry baggage as a team
  • I would describe our team environment and supportive and collaborative
  • Our team is happy 80% of the time

Scoring:  The more ‘yes’ answers you score, the more collaborative your team is.

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