When Organisations Flounder

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April 8, 2016
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April 13, 2016

When Organisations Flounder

… Look to its Leaders

5 key things for Leaders to do in troubled times!

We were having a very robust discussion with a group of our Fijian clients today…. All about the responsibility and role of steering a company out of troubled waters.

Many pointed at a lack of role clarity.  Others put it at the door of a weak Vision and not enough follow-thorough.  All valuable points and certainly don’t help when an organisation is floundering.

But when there is trouble, look to the leaders.  Time and time again, it is the leaders who are responsible for the vision, the values and knowing how to steer the ship so that even if it goes through turbulent waters, teamwork and vision will ultimately steer it to calmer and more profitable times.

Far too many times leaders blame the economy, the sector, changing customer demands, the pace of business and so forth.  Yes, they have a role to play, potentially, when organisations struggle but at the end of the day, people look to their leaders to get them out of trouble and to keep them afloat.

  1. Leaders need to have clarity and direction
  1. Leaders need to know how to hold the reins when times are rocky
  1. Leaders need to be calm and measured in times of stress and unpredictability
  1. Leaders need to communicate and engage with their staff at all times
  1. Leaders need to be optimistic with a clear plan on where they are going and how they are going to reach their goals.

Look at the leaders at all levels in your organisation and ask yourself:  Is this the team to steer the Organisation through turbulent times?

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