Whingin’ and bitchin’ is what we do around here!

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May 17, 2016
If you don’t put your people first you put your Organisation last!
May 24, 2016

Whingin’ and bitchin’ is what we do around here!

And we’re good at it!

Complaints, ongoing negative attitudes, unhappy staff, people (secretly?) dashing onto SEEK during their breaks.  Sound like your team?  You’ve got problems!

Why?  Because most teams or organisations that have this kind of problem tolerate it.  They allow it to happen over time.  Some even promote it.  The ‘keep ‘em separate and keep control’ attitude.

Time to clean it all up! This is a leadership issue. And usually has not been addressed over time or even worse – the Leader is the source of the negative energy!!

Get a meaningful code of conduct happening.  Not one that hangs on the wall and nobody ever reads, let alone lives by it.  Ge your team to devise it.

Learn some key leadership lessons. Introduce rewards (for positive, inclusive behaviour) and consequences of those who choose not to behave well.  You may even have to move them on after following the right paths to help them.

Team conflict and ongoing staff problems are costing you money.  A lot of it.

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