Code of Practice

Pure Magic International Business Solutions Pty Ltd

All Pure Magic people recognise and support the stated Vision, Mission statement, aims, philosophy, projects and policies of our organisation.

They contribute to these and work toward best practise in everything they do.

At all times we maintain an ethical and responsible standard of behaviour, both within the organisation and with our clients and community at large. We will never bring disrepute to our organisation, or any other, and our intention is to practise no harm in everything that we do or say.

In so doing, all Pure Magic employees:

  • Support the aims of the organisation;
  • Observe all the rules of the organisation including those set out in the Constitution, the Associations Incorporation Act and any others set by the Board
  • Follow any policies and procedures devised and undertaken by the organisation
  • Operate under the guidelines of OH&S legislation, EEO, Anti-Discrimination Act, Disability Services Act, Vocational Education and Training Act;
  • Adhere to all legal, ethical and moral procedures of the organisation;
  • Represent the organisation in a positive way, always promoting its services and values
  • Adhere to confidentiality
  • Declare any actual or perceived conflict of interests so that the integrity and professionalism of the organisation is never compromised in any way
  • Have meaningful, positive and professional relationships and partnerships with colleagues, clients and the community at large

Training Contractors

All Pure Magic Business contractors have appropriate qualifications, industry endorsement and meet the Training Package Assessor qualifications. They will also:

  • Be positive and enthusiastic when working with or on behalf of  Pure Magic
  • Show a commitment to life-long learning;
  • Demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively with others;
  • Support and promote the values and principles of the organisation in everything they do
  • Be professional in all their dealings