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Recently described as Australia’s ‘answer to Oprah Winfrey’, Caryn’s brilliance and talent as a motivational speaker shines brightly, as she guides her audience on a journey of self-reflection and insight in a constructive and humorous manner.

An impressive career that spans many years lecturing in psychology at two leading Australian Universities and helping thousands of people whilst working in her private practice, Caryn, with a strong background in organisational and people development, is well known as a top provider in her field. And a speaker of note!

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Current speaking topics

  • An Affair to Remember - A cheeky title to a powerful and impactful presentation, this popular topic considers how to have a passionate relationship with your business, your job and your career and can be adapted to focus on your family, your relationship, your life. Transformational!
  • Thrive - This popular presentation encourages participants to think about new ways of overcoming adversity by changing their perspective, being optimistic and having a plan to follow. Truly inspiring.
  • Imagine – Participants are encouraged to truly examine their daily lives and how they can become the change they would like to see in their everyday life. This talk prompts everybody to really think about how they are living. Impactful!
  • Celebrate Magic in everyday Life - This ‘Celebrate Magic’ presentation encourages the audience to stop for a while, take stock of what they are doing and what they would like to achieve and then put strategies in place to create magic in everyday life. Insightful.
  • A Magical Marriage or Difficult Divorce? – Understanding the relationship between stress and resilience - A funny (although sobering) look at how stress impacts our lives and how by learning to be more resilient, we can face life’s challenges more effectively. Thought provoking!

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