6 Golden Rules of Staff Communication during times of Change

July 5, 2017 Caryn Walsh

6 Golden Rules of Staff Communication during times of Change

So what are the Golden Rules of Staff Communication? If communication is poor or inconsistent at best. That’s the culture you will get.  Poor, and your employees will be crawling through the internet looking for more attractive workplace options.

Then there is the issue of change.  As Councils across NSW move towards amalgamation and as the NDIS rolls down the road of the Community Sector, the only constant is change.

Change means knowing that nothing stays the same. And that to survive (and thrive!) people and Organisations need to make ongoing change their closest ally.

Adaptability – the crucial strategy in Change

Those organisations that predict change, even lead it, are those that will come through transition in the best possible position, unlike those who don’t even know that change is happening – and when they do, it’s too late.  So which are you?

The Solution – 6 Golden Rules of Staff Communication:

What are key essentials Organisations need to implement to ensure they keep their staff informed and engaged throughout any change?

  1. Keep staff updated regularly, primarily via face to face communication
  2. This method can be supported through emails or newsletters but the primary communication should be face to face
  3. Update staff as often as possible. Even if the update is small, generally in times of uncertainty staff appreciate something rather than nothing
  4. Form a Project team, involving staff, that meet regularly with decision makers who are ‘change champions’ responsible for driving communication and change throughout the Company
  5. Celebrate success and ‘good things’ along the way. It is good for staff to have reprieve from the difficulties of change with positive and interactive activities and initiatives
  6. Implement a monthly formalized communication, such as Team Briefing, into the organisation to ensure everyone is systematically kept up to date with changes and kept up to date

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