Happy Workers – Is it all just hype?

May 3, 2016 Caryn Walsh

Happy Workers – Is it all just hype?

Happy Workers, you’ve read research about content staff before. Yes, you know it’s important, but is it really just hype?  After all, your people come to work to do a good job and then go home, or retire, or leave, right? Wrong!

Your people are not a difference.  Your people are THE difference!

No matter the size of your organisation, whether you have three people, or 90 000 people working for you, the imagination, creativity and capabilities of your people is what counts.

Research indicates that happy people work harder, are more productive and more engaged in their jobs.  Engaged, productive people mean greater profitability.

The role of every leader, every day is to make sure they have provided everything needed by their people to perform well in their roles. To ensure happy, productive people are part of their workforce.

The attitudes of your people towards clients, how they treat them and the manner in which they resolve customer issues, matter a lot. It always will.  Your competitor may have the same product as you do, but it is your people who will ensure clients return time after time. Your people are the greatest competitive edge you have.  It’s the same within the Organisation.  How your team works with each other and treats each other is critical to the contentment within the Organisation.

Statistics About Happy Workers 

Individuals who are happiest at work:

  • 180% are more energized than those who are not happy
  • 50% are more motivated than those who are not content
  • Seem to be 60% more confident in themselves and their role
  • Feel they have 65% more control over what they do
  • Experience 155% more happiness in their jobs

Source:  Happiness at work; Maximising your Psychological Capital for Success: J Pryce-Jones

Leaders take heed! Your role is to serve your people!

Considering the research findings which constantly indicate that happy workers = greater productivity = increased profitability, its important business leaders take these statistics seriously.  Before all else, the leader needs to serve their own people well, to ensure they have whatever they need (including a happy workplace and optimistic leader) to excel in their roles. It’s called Servant Leadership.

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