4 Special Steps to Create a High Performing Team

June 7, 2016 Caryn Walsh

4 Special Steps to Create a High Performing Team

It doesn’t matter with which company we work or on which Continent we are.  The same principles remain when trying to form a high performing team.

  1. Get your Vision right and ensures everybody knows what it is: Out of every ten companies with which we work, 9 have team members that cannot either recite the Vision to us or tell us what it is. If your team members don’t know where they are going, how on earth do you get into the same boat and row for the same shore?
  2. Get the Roles and Rules right: Clearly identify position descriptions and key performance indicators so everybody knows what they are responsible for all the time.  Getting the rules right means knowing what is expected of your people by also how we ‘play’ together.  Fight fair.  Play nicely.  Collaborate and support each other at all times. People work better and more competently when they know the rules and realize that they have to stick to them.  A lack of clear focus and rules brings confusion and uncertainty.  And unnecessary conflict!
  3. Demand Excellence, expect Excellence: Garbage in, garbage out.  If you allow your team to produce sub-standard results, that is what you will get.  If you demand high competence and on-time performance, that is what you will get.  You choose! Don’t ever tolerate mediocrity.  In anything!  If you do, you will let the team down and allow it to become the ‘norm’ for how they do things.
  4. Celebrate and have fun: Work hard, play hard.  Have fun!  Create a workplace culture of achievement and support where laughter and enjoyment abounds. 67% of happy people stay with their employer.  Make sure you create a happy environment at all times.


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