Leaders – Hired for Skills and Fired for Attitude

August 16, 2017 Caryn Walsh

Leaders – Hired for Skills and Fired for Attitude

You know the situation.  Leaders who are technically good at what they do (why else would they be in the role, right?), but arrive at work like ‘the walking dead.’  Their body language says it all.  Down-turned shoulders, drooping head, shuffling feet.  Clearly, they don’t want to be here. Hired for Skills and Fired for Attitude!

Yet they may have many hundreds of people working under them. Looking to them for direction and guidance.  Who wants to be led by a person whose body language clearly gives off a ‘I don’t want to be here attitude?’  Nobody!

Highly performing Organisations who know about the value of top class leaders and the difference they make in the workplace don’t tolerate bad attitudes, from anybody.

But particularly at the top level.  Because if a bad or ‘sour’ attitude sits at the top of the Organisation, what hope do the guys and gals down the line have?  Nothing!!!!

Check your attitude leaders!

  1. Do you come into work with a smile on your face?
  2. Do you make time for your people and have an ‘open-door’ policy? One that encourages your people to walk in and seek guidance?
  3. Would your people see you as the go-to person who they follow to the ends of the earth?
  4. Do they respect you and trust you to defend them when the going gets tough?

If you are not sure, why don’t you do a simple questionnaire asking them for their opinion about how they see you as their leader.  Or don’t you care enough to?

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