Giving a Leadership Award to Somebody You Fired? Fore Heavens Sake, Get Real!

June 2, 2016 Caryn Walsh

Giving a Leadership Award to Somebody You Fired? Fore Heavens Sake, Get Real!

Do you think its impossible for someone to be awarded a leadership award for poor performance? Think again.

A new client approached us yesterday for help regarding communication issues. In addition to this we needed to ensure that everybody in the organisation receives the same consistent information each month.  Doing a little digging, we discover that the Company recently held an annual leadership awards ceremony for aspiring up and coming young leaders.

The gala event was held in the city, all expenses paid.  The CEO presented the annual awards and nominees flew in from all around the country. So far so good right?

There was one minor problem though. The top prize of the night was awarded to someone fired three months prior, due to poor performance!!!  Heaven’s forbid!

How on earth does an Organisation get this so wrong?

Did something like this really happen and are their internal processes so archaic as well as disconnected?

Communication is certainly an issue but it’s much more than that.

The problem stems from the fact that their processes, procedures, policies and systems are not effective or systematic.

Consequently an embarrassing error like this can occur. Whilst there is no doubt that this is merely a symptom.  The causes (and ramifications) are much more serious and wide-reaching.

We have our work cut out for us.

A lack of communication a key issue in your Organisation?  Email us on info@puremagicbusiness.com.au for a free consultation.

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