If You’re Not Relevant You’re Moving Towards Extinction!

October 5, 2017 Caryn Walsh

If You’re Not Relevant You’re Moving Towards Extinction!

If you’re not relevant you’re moving towards extinction! But what does that mean? We work with a lot of leaders, from different sectors and at a different levels. Due to this we know that many say:

Business just ain’t like it used to be because people don’t do business the way they used to!

Most noteworthy is the fact that they’re right.

Harry’s Story:

Take Harry for example.  A founder of a large tile company who made a small fortune over the last forty years.  He started by tiling a woman’s kitchen in regional Australia in 1940 and discovered  that he had a flair for it and kept going. Consequently building himself an empire.

Five years ago, his business was flagging.  Things weren’t happening like they used to.  Profits were down and his staff was unhappy.

He brought us in to help.  It was clear that his business was no longer relevant. He and his staff were living day by day, doing what they had always done with little attention paid to technology. Increasing (and more savvy) competition – many who had going through leadership training and leadership development were taking the lead.

Harry had to go back to basics – revisit his purpose (Vision) and Strategic Plan. Up-skill his staff, modernize his product range, focus on how he does business and gallop into the 21st century.

Small things like his staff being paid manually and all his books being done on a paper based ledger was not smart and certainly not relevant.

Slowly we turned his company around.  He did gallop into this century, he did take the advice about systems, processes, procedures and his people.

The Result?

He has just retired – $17 million dollars richer!

I agree with Harry. The world has changed a lot. Even in the last decade (or less) it seems that the world is a very faced paced place to be.

Modern day leaders today must remain relevant.  Relevant to their customers, to their industry and to their organisations objectives.  Forget living in the past and hanging on to ‘how things were done’.

Get in the driving seat and make new rules, new impact and gain new relevance unless you want your business to come to a standstill.

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