If you don’t put your people first you put your Organisation last!

April 4, 2017 Caryn Walsh

If you don’t put your people first you put your Organisation last!

To all the leaders out there who have the opportunity and are in a role to develop their people – get serious! You need to put your people first.

If you don’t constantly think about how and where you can transform your people on a regular basis by increasing their skills and growing their competence, perhaps you should re-think leadership.  Your people are not a difference.  They are THE difference.

Research concurs with this.

Recently I read an article where ‘there was not enough budget to train our people this year.’  Really! So explain why the CEO purchased a – wait for it – Maserati.  Annual conferences are the common destination of senior managers and a whopping 12% salary increase was given to those who apparently are influencers in the Organisation.

Enjoy riding the short-lived wave of success.  You won’t remain profitable or at the top of the game in the long run.  You don’t value your people, and neither do you treat them right!

Buy Greenleaf’s book on Servant Leadership.  That may help!

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