Real Resilience – Inherent or Learned?

November 12, 2015 Caryn Walsh

Real Resilience – Inherent or Learned?

What is real resilience? Is it that they are able to handle life’s difficulties well? Is it that they don’t seem to allow things to upset them?
Do you think they are people who are less emotional or less sensitive to what goes on around them?
It’s a good question, particularly because Resilience is a focus on ongoing international research that attempts to understand what it is how and
how people can learn to have more of it.
A basic definition is ‘the ability to bounce back in the face of life’s adversities’. We believe that resilience is a way of thinking, a way of looking at life that
resilient people see hope, or ways of solving problems, or getting over them far quicker than people who are not resilient.

Resilient people:
– Live longer
– Make more money
– Are happier
– Feel healthier
– Are more successful in business
– Tend to have better relationships


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