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Leaders Retreats

Developing skills for leaders and team players is an investment – in your Organisation’s future. Run over 3 – 5 days (depending on your need), our popular Leaders Retreat Programs focus on simple, yet effective leadership theory, experiential activities, key principles and guiding factors to create leaders (out of existing leaders and emerging leaders) to drive your business forward.

Because we customise the Retreat Program to suit your needs, no two Retreats are ever the same, but each delivers the outcomes that it is designed to do, based on what outcomes you want.

Our Leaders Retreats enable the kind of breakthrough moments that are hard to engineer at big conferences, or at work. They do not follow the formality of a presentation or conference agenda, (although we have content to cover) but there is a great focus on self-insight, personal and professional growth and well-being and creating (or sustaining) strong workplace relationships so participants have a chance to step back from day-to-day problem-solving and think about larger goals.

Which is why our Leaders Retreats are popular and productive!

Carers Retreats – 2. 5 days

We have been running Carers Retreats for 17 years and are well known for providing fantastic relaxing, informative and educational Retreats for Carers, which is why we run so many Retreats for a range of different Organisations.

Specifically focussing on providing Carers with key skills and strategies to use in their caring role and to allow them to relax a little and form strong social relationships for the future, our Retreats are highly acclaimed at being the best there is.

We teach Carers strategies and techniques to be resilient, manage daily stress, focus on goals they would like to achieve and learn how to manage work-life balance, amongst other topics.

If you would like us to host a Carers Retreat for you, contact us without delay.

4 x Post Retreat one-day Workshops

If you like, you can do what countless others clients do. Follow up the Retreat with 4 one-day post-Retreat workshops spread over four months to build on the teaching at the Retreat and further solidify relationships formed at the Retreats.

  • We are a multi-Award winning company in our field and we are passionate about what we do and renowned across many sectors and nations for the high-quality services we provide
  • We know our stuff and consistently help our clients meet their key business outcomes, time and time again
  • Our results and testimonials say it all
  • We enjoy continued ongoing expansion and demand for our services in Australia and the South Pacific Region that accurately reflects our position as ‘Supplier of Choice.’

Our passionate, knowledgeable team of international trainers are specialized in a range of different fields, with no less than 20 years of training background and experience for each trainer. We work collaboratively with our clients and each other, and bring a ‘magical’ training experience to all our clients, for which we are well renowned.

By having each team member, tertiary qualified and a specialist in their field, we can provide a range of individual, team and Organisational services to clients across any sector.

And if you’re in the audience, we have fun! Lots of it.  There is nothing better than loving learning.