Stages of Team Development – Which stage is yours in?

November 17, 2018 adminmj

How often do you chase your team to meet deadlines, complete projects and finish off what they started.  Micro-managing is painful at best!

As a leader, you shouldn’t have to.

You want your teams to be on their game, following through with what they start and are supposed to do.  Full of energy and vigour.

 So why do we spend so much time moving them along, encouraging, asking…. even pleading.

Perhaps it’s because you’re not clear about which stage your team is at.

According to American researcher, Bruce Tuckman (who spent four decades studying how successful teams develop in Organisations) if we lead properly we don’t chase up deadlines, projects and people who were supposed to finish a task by a deadline.  We don’t wait and wait and ….. get frustrated.

Why Leaders need to understand the stages of Team Development and why it matters

 When teams first come together, they are in the forming stage.  Politeness, courtesy and lots of respect.  As the leaders move their teams (strategically) from forming to storming, norming and finally performing (mourning comes later) they know what to look for and what actions to take to make sure their teams end up where they should – in the highly performing stages.

 Stages of team Development and what Leaders must do at each Stage