6 Crushing Blocks to Successful Workplace Diversity!

June 7, 2016 Caryn Walsh

6 Crushing Blocks to Successful Workplace Diversity!

Let’s talk about the importance of workplace diversity and the richness it brings to an organisations effectiveness. Why aren’t companies able to achieve successful workplace diversity? Why do they constantly struggle integrate a diverse workforce into their ranks? If workplace diversity is so advantageous, why do so many organisation’s struggle to implement it successfully?

The 6 Main Reasons Why Successful Workplace Diversity is Such an Issue!

  1. Discrimination: People judge others and stereo-type each other.  Think about your own workplace and reflect on whether this happens.  A woman passed over for a promotion ‘because it’s a man’s job and she has children to go home to” is a perfect example. This may not happen in your company, but covertly happens in many.
  2. Prejudice:  People intentionally and unintentionally show prejudiced against one another. It may be against a particular racial group, gender or disability.
  3. Inflexibility: Happens when people in the organization already have their minds made up and are inflexible with their preconceived notions. Them not being prepared to ‘give them a go’ and encourage them to greater heights as a result. Research shows that this is more prevalent in management positions.
  4. Communication difficulties:  Speaking different languages is often a barrier to effective communication and working well together.
  5. Historical barriers: Organisational cultures built up over a long period of time are difficult to break down. The ‘we’ve always done it this way around here’ attitude is a good example, even though new ideas and ways of doing things are being presented.
  6.  An ineffective (or non-existent) workplace diversity policy and inefficient processes to support diversity: Organisations often talk about ‘workplace diversity’ but don’t implement it properly or support it with robust policies and procedures. In conclusion, an organization should make sure that embracing and implementing workplace diversity is one of their main priorities.

Ways to implement an effective workplace diversity policy include:

These are some ways to improve, and value, the richness of workplace diversity.

  • Take stock of how well your workplace diversity is going
  • Form a Workplace Diversity Project team to design, monitor and implement a successful plan
  • Promote diversity in leadership roles
  • Promote open communication among the troops
  • Teach your staff to value the differences

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