Under-Performing Teams are a Leadership Issue

November 18, 2018 adminmj

We hear it time and time again.  Leaders that try as hard as they can to get their people to work well together in teams.  Sometimes it works, often it doesn’t.  What we hear often is:

  • ‘My team doesn’t work well together.’
  • ‘I have no idea what to do to get them to do things properly or on time.’
  • ‘This is the slowest moving team I have ever worked with.’

Can you and your team come and help us move these teams towards better outputs?  Sure.  To be more productive?  Without doubt. But we need to peak at the leadership first and what’s happening at that level before teams become our focus.

The pressure on your leaders

A fast-paced business world, ongoing demands on leaders, increased competition, rising pressure and relentless social media, running a business today is….. hard work!

We all want to do well but at times we feel the odds are against us.  And at times they are.

We lead in an age of constant change and often feel we are being squeezed by forces inside and outside of the Organisation.

Internally – policies, processes, systems and people often provide ongoing challenges and at times, headaches

Externally – politics, technical difficulties, legislative changes and factors affecting the industry.

What you really need – Leaders who have:

  • Self-insight – knowing what makes them tick
  • Emotional Intelligence – managing their emotions to have great relationships around them and always remaining calm under pressure
  • Good relationship skills and are positive, optimistic and approachable
  • Influential and get the job done through highly performing teams
  • Trust-worthy, loyal and have integrity
  • Empathy – see how it must feel for others
  • A can-do and collaborative attitude
  • Motivated and enthusiastic teams with a go, go, go attitude 

World-wide 72 percent of people are disengaged at work

No matter how brilliant your strategy or approach is, if you don’t have highly performing teams at all levels in your Organisation, you will always struggle.

What we often get

  • Leaders who want to make a difference but don’t have the skill or strategies.  Many haven’t been developed enough so struggle in their current roles
  • Disengaged employees who ‘do the job’ but don’t seem interested
  • You cannot have effective leaders and highly performing teams if your leaders are not skilled or developed to lead

So, what can you do right now?

  • Grab a pen and piece of paper. Read this article below and work out what you can do as a leader to improve your teams performance.