Big, Bad, Bullies

6 Steps to deal with them

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Tuesday, February 26, 11.00am AEST

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Big, bad, bullies.  They’re everywhere and make everybody’s lives miserable. What’s worse, is that so many of them get away with their rude, manipulative behaviour.  Some even say their behaviour is condoned.

It could be your team member, your boss (that makes it harder), a colleague from another team or the business owner (that often leads you right out the door.)

Either way, you’re sick of it and one thing’s clear:  If you do nothing, nothing will change.

How do you deal with bullies?  What types of people bully?

  • The most common forms of bullying and harassment are being sworn at or yelled at (37.2 per cent) and being humiliated in front of others (23.2 per cent)
  • Women are more likely than men to be bullied and experience unwanted sexual advances, unfair treatment because of their gender, and experience being physically assaulted or threatened by a client or patient.
  • Australian workplace bullying costs businesses and the economy a whopping $36 billion each year.

So what can we do about it and how do we stand up to these inadequate people who suffer from an inferiority complex – commonly known as bullies?

International leadership and team development specialist, executive coach and key note speaker, Coach of the 2016 Australian CEO of the Year, psychologist Caryn Walsh introduces us to the 6 Big Bad Bullies we face in the workplace and teaches us key skills to find a voice and stand up to them.