What we're up to?

There is so much going on around us that our greatest problem is what to do first.  I bet that is the plight of most people.  Where do I start, right?

So we’ve decided to focus on various projects to start.

Organisational Development:  Putting strategies and techniques into place to help our clients with issues they experience.  For example, we are helping them improve communication in their companies.  Why is communication always a problem, where ever we go?  It’s not that hard.  People make it so.  Leadership Forums is another hot topic, which we implement to ensure that leadership sustainability and capability is driven through organisations on an ongoing basis.  Why some organisations think that they can send a leader on a programme and then not do further development of that person for the next few years is beyond me, truly.  Leadership Forums address this.

Domestic Violence:  We have long been involved in helping survivors of domestic violence come through the scars of abuse.  We have put in an expression of interest to do an assessment of domestic violence services in the Pacific Region, to establish who and what is out there to help families and children deal with this horrific issue. Then, hopefully, we can design a way forward that is both comprehensive and productive for all parties concerned.  Hold thumbs.

Leadership Mentoring:  We are looking at providing leadership mentoring of women’s programmes in the South Pacific region, with a focus on helping younger women become successful both in business and in their personal lives.  Whilst Fiji, for example, is a country that sees more women in managerial roles (than Australia, for example) there is a long way to go.  Not only do women in leadership roles provide balance to the leadership equation, but for many reasons they seem to add a more collaborative stance.  Maybe it’s more about talking issues through, as opposed to declaring war.

Watch this space!


Pure Magic recently implemented its highly regarded ‘Top Teams – Creating and Sustaining High Performance’ into Challenge Community Services Tamworth residential homes.

The Programme has been very successful in raising performance and providing clear outlines for team performance improvement.

Well done all!



Pure Magic’s CEO Caryn Walsh (centre) spent the day training the fun loving Metro Assist Team how to deal with Difficult People and Situations well.

It was an action packed and insightful day jammed with theory, case studies and everyone’s favourites – role plays.

Well done Team!



Caryn Walsh, at the helm of Pure Magic International Business Solutions, one of Australia’s leading Leadership, People and Organisational Development Specialist Organisations, was last week informed that she is a Finalist in two prestigious national and international competitions.

  • Finalist: Australian Learning and Development Professional of the Year Award (2015) – AITD
  • Finalist: Australian Woman in International Business Award (Australian Export Council). This is for Pure Magic’s substantial work and growth in its international operations in the South Pacific Region.

The Pure Magic Team members are delighted at the success of their leader and the consistent, significant growth of their Organisation over the last 5 years.

‘I really value working within Pure Magic – innovative, evidence based and with a keen eye to grow leaders, people and companies at all levels, Pure Magic is an organisation that takes transformation to a new level. Watching people and organisations thrive is incredibly rewarding’ explained Sue Nielsen, Associate Director.

As part of the National Disability Services Hunter Leadership Forum, recently we were asked to speak about the evolving leadership in Challenge Community Services, a large disability and out of home care service provider on Sydney’s North Coast and the role that Pure Magic has played in growing people and leaders within all levels of the Organisation.

Natalie Welch, Manager, People and Culture at Challenge and Caryn Walsh, CEO of Pure Magic, presented their strategy to attendees at the Forum, and highlighted the impressive business outcomes that have been achieved through the implementation of Pure Magic’s ‘Top Teams – Creating and Sustaining High Performance’ in various sites across Challenge.

Due to the tangible successes of the Programme, it continues to be rolled out throughout the Organisation. Top Teams is an outcomes focussed programme that enables teams to become more self-managing and more effective in their roles and what they hope to achieve.

Whilst discussing the challenges of Community based organisations in the future, Caryn Walsh added that it is both critically important and urgent that leaders of Community based organisations gear up for a markedly different future, particularly in light of large funding changes and the entrance of new corporate players in the community sector.

Caryn runs various programmes addressing this topic.

Top Teams Development



We’re in Suva at the moment, working with 16 Emerging Leaders at Westpac. Today we ran a Programme equipping these leaders with key theoretical constructs and experiential activities around how to help others adapt to, and deal with, change.

Leadership is not an easy skill, but this dedicated group were keenly engaged in the learning outcomes of the day and were shown how to deal with different personalities during change, what types of behaviours to expect from those they lead in change, identify the key competencies required of leaders in our modern day world and the important aspects of optimism and following a clear vision during change.

Pure Magic hopes to further develop these leaders in the near future.

We’re back in Fiji growing leaders and emerging leaders at ATS (Fiji) Ltd. Our strategy is to equip leaders at all levels with the necessary capabilities and competencies to move the Organisation successfully into the future.

Pure Magic’s highly reputed Leadership In Action and Emerging Leaders Programmes, both run over a year, are designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and competencies to create and sustain highly performing teams.



This week we have been working with:

  • Blue Mountains Community, Food and Support Services doing Organisational Re-Engineering and Strategic Planning
  • Maroba Aged Care Services – building Leadership Capacity and Business Succession Planning

It is a privilege working with so many different organisations in a range of capacities – organisational development, leadership capacity building, company re-engineering, training and development and strategic direction.

Next week we’re off to Fiji to work with Air Terminal Services and Westpac.

Maroba leading the way in leadership and people development

This week we are working with Maroba, a premium aged care service provider on the North Coast, 2 hours from Sydney.

We’re guiding them in the implementation of a Leadership Development Forum into the organisation, with the intention of growing leadership capability within Maroba and extending this to surrounding enterprises.

We’re also forming a cross functional team to drive the organisation forward, arrange events that fit in with Maroba’s key strategic business outcomes and give people at all levels within the Organisation the chance to lead and grow.

CEO Viv Allanson is excited about both strategies, believing that they will help her people continue to grow and be the best they can be in everything they do.

Two excellent initiatives Maroba!