Happy Employees: The Key to Increased Productivity

April 18, 2017 Caryn Walsh

Happy Employees: The Key to Increased Productivity

Happy employees are the most vital resource in any Organisation today and yet are often the last part of the budget to be considered for investment.

Your people are not a difference.  Your people are THE difference!

No matter the size of your organisation, whether you have three people, or 90 000 people working for you, the imagination, creativity and capabilities of your people is what counts.

Research indicates that happy people work harder, are more productive and more engaged in what they are doing.  Engaged, productive people mean greater profitability.

What leaders around the globe need to realize is that their first role, every day, is to make sure they have provided everything needed to ensure happy, productive people are part of their workforce

Statistics about happy employees

Individuals who are happiest at work:

  • Tend to be 180% more energized than those who are not happy
  • Are about 50% more motivated than those who are not content
  • Are 60% more confident in themselves and their role
  • Feel they have 65% more control over what they do
  • Experience 155% more happiness in their jobs


How do you make your people happy?

Treat them well and with respect.  It’s the little things make the difference – saying thank you and greeting them, for example. Pay them appropriately for their work and think about them as your most important asset.

If you don’t another employer will and you lose a valuable contributor to the success of your business.

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