How to Build Confidence with Business and Leadership Coaching

October 19, 2018 adminmj

I’ve got a newsflash for you. Being in a leadership role doesn’t automatically make you a good leader.

It’s true.  There are a lucky few who are naturally good leaders, who lead with equal amounts of emotional intelligence, strength, empathy, courage and confidence. But for many of us, these things need to be learned or, at the very least, fine tuned. A leader can make or break an Organisation.

It’s not uncommon to suddenly find yourself swiftly moving into a leadership role after a promotion or job change. One day you’re part of the team. The next, you’re leading it. You haven’t suddenly gone into The Matrix and come out knowing Kung Fu – you may need to learn new skills to help you become an exemplary leader and lead your team, and your business, to success.

Confidence, not arrogance, is a key part of leadership. Your team depend on you, ultimately, to make final decisions. If you’re not a naturally confident person, this can be difficult.

But I’ll tell you a secret – everything can be learned. And in fact, the more you learn and the better you equip yourself to be a better leader, the more you will achieve and the more your confidence will grow. This is a positive and ongoing cycle, but one that only comes with continual learning and development, so you don’t suffer from skill fade or allow your confidence to take a knock.

This is where leadership and executive coaching can be invaluable to anyone in any Organisation who is in, or who wants to move into, a position of leadership. This is a powerful tool that can help Organisations gain the competitive edge.

What is leadership coaching?

Leadership Coaching  is a process built on a relationship between the coach and the leader/executive, with the primary purpose of building the leader’s capability to achieve short and long term business goals for the Organisation they work for.

A gifted Coach will ensure each coaching experience is unique to each leader, their role and their objectives. There should not be a cookie-cutter approach for everyone, but instead a good coach will draw on a variety of different strategies, approaches and techniques, customising what each person needs to help them grow in their role and become more competent over time.

Executive and Leadership Coaching  gives the person greater insight, understanding and tools to be exemplary in their roles. Greater clarity, more effective decision making, more confidence in their role and better relationships with their team members are some of the benefits of executive coaching.

How to recognise a good leadership coach

  • The focus of the coaching will be on the individual’s areas of growth.
  • The relationship between the Coach and the person they are coaching becomes the ‘safe’ space where the leader can explore their feelings and thinking patterns
    about their role.
  • Specific insights and self-awareness are obtained by the leader about themselves and areas to improve or enhance.
  • It encourages the leader to look at themselves, gain honest self-knowledge, learn more about what motivates them and their behaviour, understand their personality better and the values they have that drive their behaviour.
  • The Coach walks the journey with the leader, guiding and directing them along the path – building their leadership capacity as the coaching relationship is developed.

What is the difference between Business Coaching and Leadership/Executive coaching?

A business coach will help a business owner grow their business, and take it where they want it to go, by clarifying their vision for the business and how it fits with their personal goals.

A leadership coach teaches the leader to achieve key business goals and outcomes that are critical in their roles and to the Organisation overall, focusing on ensuring the leader has the necessary skills, competences and personal attributes to make complex decisions, deal with a range of difficult issues and lead their people positively, and with integrity, at the same time.

One of the fundamental roles of a Leadership Coach is to help the leader understand themselves better. Understanding their own strengths and, even more importantly, identifying the areas in which they need to upskill to be successful and helping them to get there.

Why does Leadership and Executive Coaching work?

Leadership Greatness is about self-mastery. Being the very best you can be and doing the best possible job you can. A good leader makes a positive impact on their team, on their clients or customers, on their Organisation and even on their family and community. Great leadership goes beyond the workplace. It extends outwards in a ripple effect that touches the world around that leader. And that involves looking after others and contributing to a better world, step by step.

Pure Magic International Business Solutions offers one-on-one or group Leadership Coaching Programs , which achieve outcomes time and time again, helping participants reach their goals and learn key skills to become better at what they do – professionally and personally.

We get to understand the needs of our clients and create a tailored coaching Program to help them meet those needs and reach their goals and key business objectives. We conduct Executive Coaching Programs in Sydney, all over Australia and internationally. We also have businesses coaches available in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and are happy to discuss coaching opportunities across Australia and Internationally.

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