How to Set Goals to get the Job You Want

October 26, 2018 adminmj

The first step to getting the job you want, is knowing what job you want!

Many of us are so involved in the day-to-day execution of our work roles, and our personal roles, that we don’t proritise time to think about what we want out of life. Where do we want to be in five years’ time? Do we even know?

When you think about what is important in your life, more often than not, you’ll realise money isn’t at the top of your list. More likely, you will put family, travelling, personal passions and friends.

So, before we get into the detail, think about your ‘Macro Goal’. This is the big one, the ultimate thing you want to achieve to live the life you want, at this stage of your life. This goal gives the rest of your goal setting purpose. Be really specific with your Macro Goal, but make sure it’s also attainable. Examples of Macro Goals could be:

  • Be in a role that allows me to spend my evenings with my family, within a year.
  • Be in a leadership role within 18 months.
  • Start my own business before I’m 40 and become a digital nomad.
  • Get promoted to Director level within the year.

Once you have your Macro Goal set, the next step is to consider your strategy to achieve it – what steps do you need to take to hit that goal?

  • Start by considering what factors are preventing you achieving your macro goal. Could it be:
    • Time management?
    • Workload?
    • A need to upskill in a certain area?
    • Productivity levels?
    • Workplace culture?
    • Fear of failure?
    • Money?
    • Confidence and Self-Belief?
    • Limiting thoughts?
    • Procrastination?
  • Then work out what you need to do to overcome these factors?

Why set goals?

Other than the obvious – to give you something to work towards – research shows achieving goals can actually help us live longer, become wealthier, be happier in relationships and enjoy better health.

When looking at the job you want, setting goals provides clarity and gives you direction for the future, purpose and vision. It ensures you have timelines to work towards and tasks to perform over time, and it reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Goals are empowering – now you know what you want! And when you hit those goals, the sense of achievement is awesome.

What are S.M.A.R.T. Goals?

‘SMART Goals’ is a tried and tested process to follow, when working out your Macro and Micro Goals.

Specific: Think about the who, what, why, where and when of your Macro and Micro goals.

  • Who will you need to get involved to achieve your goal(s)
  • Exactly What is it that you want to accomplish – get detailed!
  • Why do you want to accomplish it? What’s the bigger picture here? Is it career progression? Is it a lifestyle change?
  • Where will this happen – at work? In your free time? In your lunch breaks?
  • When do you want to achieve your Macro goal by? (We’ll get into the micro timelines under the ‘Time-bound’ section of our SMART goals).

Measurable: What metrics will you put in place to measure your progress and your final achievement? If your Macro goal is a long-term one, put intermediate milestone measurements in place to ensure you stay on track.

Achievable: Is this goal currently available to you to achieve? And if it’s not, what tools do you need or what changes do you need to make to make it achievable?

Realistic and Relevant: Is this goal achievable in the timeframe you have set? Is it relevant to you and your values, or to your broader business or life plan? Setting realistic goals that are relevant to your passions or what’s most important to you in life will make it easier to stay motivated and to achieve.

Time-bound: Strategically decide when you want to have (realistically) achieved your Macro Goal by and work backwards, plotting in when each of your Micro goals need to be completed by. And make a commitment to STICK to the timeline.

Write it all down and display it somewhere in full view to keep yourself accountable.

And there you have it – you have your goals and your plan to achieve them and get the job you want. Now, go and DO it!

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