March 8, 2018 adminmj

The Poor Leadership Effect

Life is hell in the trenches

I’m talking to Scotty, a 35-year old graphic designer.

He’s an awesome guy but lately he’s not his usual cheerful self.

He seems quieter, more withdrawn.

Over a coffee, he opens up.

‘I used to love my job.

‘But six months ago, I got a new manager who was a delight in the beginning, but he’s become my biggest nightmare.

‘He sulks, is rude, and berates me in front of the team.

‘Frankly…. my life has gone from heaven to hell.

‘I’ve tried to resolve this many times – speaking with HR and my senior leader – but got nowhere.

‘I’m just miserable. It’s affecting my health and my life. Even my relationship is suffering.

‘I’ve given up!’

I feel Scotty’s pain.

So often we read about what a good leader is and how to become one.

Poor Leadership Is Not Worth The Pain

We don’t talk about the misery of those in the trenches whose leaders are bullying, badly behaved and controlling.

Nor do we hear from those who are afraid to speak up for fear of losing their job.

We don’t know about the team members dealing with everyday harassment, abuse and psychological warfare.

If this is you and you have tried everything but got nowhere… MOVE ON.

No job, leader or organisation is worth such pain.

Find somewhere they value people like you, Scotty.

Need help to deal with difficult people and bosses.  Look no further!

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