Bad Bosses – Costing Organisations Millions!

May 17, 2016 Caryn Walsh

Bad Bosses – Costing Organisations Millions!

If you employ bad bosses, you can throw money, prestige, opportunity and excellent rewards at people to increase their engagement and motivation. But nothing will make a difference. People lose motivation and interest and as a result profitability walks out the door!

Employee satisfaction is driven by leadership.  A great leader makes significant impact on driving the troops forward.  A bad boss makes significant impact on the troops walking out the door, having secured better employment opportunities elsewhere.

It can sometimes be confusing to work out exactly what your Boss does that drives you crazy.  This can be because their behavior is unpredictable and, depending on their mood, you ‘never know what you are going to get.’ Six types of difficult or ‘bad’ bosses have been identified.

The 6 Bad Boss Types

The Always Angry Boss: 

This Boss is always unpleasant to be around.  They are often unpredictable.  Calm one moment, they explode the next!  Working with them feels like you are always walking on egg-shells.  When will the next outburst occur?

The Completely Clueless Boss: 

This kind of Boss has no idea what they are doing, or how to do it, but are very good at pretending they do.  They are known for making their people do the work, then, taking credit for a job well done, when projects are completed on time by their competent people.  They are poorly regarded by their troops and fob their way through each day.

The Ever Critical Boss: 

No matter what you or your team does, nothing is good enough for this Boss. The work you do is never good enough, your team does not perform well enough and nobody is doing what they are supposed to. However, this Boss is this only person who does a good job (in their mind).                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The ‘I’m nice to your face, but talk about you behind your back’ Boss:

Many people believe this is the worst kind of bad boss.  They present one thing to you, but do or say another.  You cannot trust them to be loyal to you or stand by the team in challenging and difficult times. Many Organisations lose valuable employees because of this type of Boss.  You often find them high up the corporate ladder.

The Totally Dis-organised Boss: 

Always late, can’t find things, blames others when things go wrong, or goals are not achieved (because they are not organised), this Boss is a nightmare!  They often don’t achieve their targets and blame their people for being ‘under-performers.’

The Smiling Assassin Boss : 

Similar to the ‘I’m nice to your face’ Boss, this character delights in delivering bad news, dividing the troops, maintains power and control by slashing and burning. Consequently they are distrusted and feared by their people, these bosses lose good people on a regular basis.

Whichever boss you may be, or have, the impact on people in the Organisation is significant.

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