What the best bosses say to their Team?

May 7, 2017 Caryn Walsh

What the best bosses say to their Team?

The most important thing to do as a leader is energize and enthuse your people.  Make them want to follow you.  Act like a top boss, always being positive and doing what you say you will do. It is imperative to know what the best bosses say to their team?!

Whilst it sounds so simple, why is it that so few bosses do it well?

Recent research in the USA identified that most employees don’t give or receive anywhere near the amount of praise they should. Because of that, they are less productive and in many cases, completely disengaged in their jobs.  According to the US Department of Labor, the number one reason why people leave their jobs is because they don’t feel’ appreciated’ by the boss or Organisation.


What things do fantastic bosses say?

Look at these nine statements top bosses say to their people. If you have a boss like this, keep them. If not, go and find one. What can we achieve together?

  1. I know you can achieve what you want to
  2. This is how I think we can work best together….
  3. What can we achieve together?
  4. Let’s play to your strengths at all times
  5. Fantastic work. Well done!
  6. What else do you need from me to help you succeed?
  7. So, you made a mistake. We all do! So how can we learn from it?
  8. You are a fantastic asset to my team
  9. You have so much potential and will go far

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