8 Surefire Ways to Create Workplace Harmony!

May 30, 2016 Caryn Walsh

8 Surefire Ways to Create Workplace Harmony!

Is it necessary to create workplace harmony? Research about the cost of ongoing workplace conflict indicates the staggering affect it has on an organisation’s productivity and profitability.  Countless times we see organisations that are struggling to resolve employee conflict issues and many hours and resources are thrown at it to  help stem the tide of employee dissatisfaction.  Consider these statistics:

  • 60% – 80% of all organisational workplace difficulties stem from strained relationships between employees, not because the individual does not have the necessary skills or role competencies.
  • The typical workplace manager spends 25% – 40% of their time dealing with workplace conflict.  That amounts to 2 days each week. (Washington Business Journal, 2005)
  • This translates to approximately 96 days per annum of the manage’rs time spent dealing with workplace conflict.  How much money does that equate to?
  • The cost of replacing an employee is high. Ernst & Young reports the cost of losing and replacing an employee may be as high as 150% of the departing employee’s annual salary. This includes the manager’s time in spent in training new employees. (Workforce.com)
  • Two-thirds of both men and women say work has a significant impact on their stress levels, and one in four has called in sick or taken a ’mental health day’ as a result of work stress. (American Psychological Association, 2004)
  • One-fourth of employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. (North-Western National Life.)

Leaders – Check Out These 8 Surefire Ways to Create Workplace Harmony!

  1. If you are a leader, be the role model who leads their people to greatness. Learn how to communicate well and connect with your people!
  2. Create a culture of harmony and accepting diversity by ensuring you and all your people accept differences. Hence set up organisation-wide training’s in communication skills. At the same time make resolving conflict regularly a priority.
  3. Don’t let conflict grow, furthermore encourage your people to deal with issues as they arise.
  4. Show interest in your people. Understand that hey all have lives outside of the workplace and take an active interest in it.
  5. Introduce a ‘Zero Tolerance to Bullying’ Workplace Policy, however make sure to create processes to deal with this behavior.
  6. Be optimistic in everything you do, so as to create a ‘can do’ attitude in your workplace.
  7. Be approachable while being able to manage your emotions at all times.
  8. Choose a leader (local or international) whom you admire in order to model your behavior on theirs.

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