Take Charge NOW!!

January 23, 2016 Caryn Walsh

Take Charge NOW!!

Another year has gone and another arrived. Many of us make new years resolutions but more of us don’t keep them. We slip back into our old ways of doing things, accustomed to doing what we do in the same ‘old way’ because that’s what we do. Take Charge NOW!!

Yesterday I buried a friend. A man I really admired and looked up to. He was 39. Watching him being buried, I was acutely aware of the people around me, whom he has left behind. Clearly devastated, we all feel his loss acutely.

I sat there thinking ‘what are we all doing?’ Do we really live our lives with zest and passion each day or do we plod along everyday? Do we make each moment mean something? How many of us take others and things for granted?

In many ways I think I do, although in others I try to be better as much as I can and take charge whenever I can!

Here’s the deal: Take stock. At the start of 2016, it’s time to get your act together. Make the changes you want and need to. If your life is not working, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!

Quit blaming others, your childhood, your neighbour, your bad luck. Be the change you want to see. Get up, take charge and become the fantastic person you were born to be!

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