Organisational Resilience: Key Considerations In Building It!

May 2, 2016 Caryn Walsh

Organisational Resilience: Key Considerations In Building It!

Organisational Resilience is defined as the “capacity of an organisation to plan for, and adapt to change or disruption, through anticipation, protection, responsive capacity and recoverability”. (Tierney, K. J 2005)

Simple words, but requiring ongoing action by Organisational leaders to ensure the Company stays in business and is sustainable for the long haul.

  • Organisational resilience is not one thing. It is complex and multi-dimensional and is the result of a range of different factors. An Organisation can be resilient in one area (such as manufacturing) but not in another (high staff turnover)
  • It is an outcome thus allows adaptability to changing circumstances, resilience is the result
  • Resilience is ever changing hence the world does not stop and neither does the environment, customers’ demands and environmental challenges
  • It is the ability to adapt and rise up to meet these challenges
  • Resilience is about adapting to changing circumstances and the ability to recover when challenges occur

It is to do with a leadership mindset. This extends to all areas of a business. Hence not losing focus of the important components of the business, at any time, and to ensure it is productive and sustainable over time is imperative.


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