Moving From a Welfare Funded to a
Business Model in 12 steps

Brief Description

The community sector in Australia is under immense change and the changes in Aged Care and Disability, in particular, are both huge and unavoidable. As uncertainty, trepidation and not knowing how to make the leap from a Welfare to a Business Model are common-place, many service providers and their people are dreading the move forward – with some wondering if they will survive the turmoil.

With the roll out of the NDIS and My Aged Care and other significant impacts on the industry, each service (business) has the key responsibility to ensure it is ‘future-ready.’

This is easier said than done, given that transition of this magnitude involves people, processes, systems, policies and organisations all needing to embrace the changes and face the future with greater certainty.

With a focus on building the business and marketing the service/products to grow the Organisation and bring more clients through the door, a new set of skills are needed to help leaders negotiate the future.

This easy to follow 12 stage Program will help you guide your business through the challenges and uncertainty of change, successfully moving from a welfare funded model to a business model.


  • Identify the areas of change needed to succeed in the ‘Business Model’
  • Assess the challenges to be addressed to make this transition more smoothly achievable for your Organisation
  • Discuss how the Changes and Government Reforms impact the transition from Welfare Funded to Business Model
  • Assess the areas of preparation needed in your Organisation to achieve success - Vision, people, processes, systems, policies and finances
  • Follow a simple 12 habit plan to ensure your Organisation positions itself soundly for a profitable and sustainable future
  • Design key strategies and a comprehensive action plan to position your Organisation powerfully for the future and ensure your move from Welfare to Business Model is timely and successful


  • For Senior Execs
  • For Managers
  • For Team Leaders and Supervisors
  • We are a multi-Award winning company in our field and we are passionate about what we do and renowned across many sectors and nations for the high-quality services we provide
  • We know our stuff and consistently help our clients meet their key business outcomes, time and time again
  • Our results and testimonials say it all
  • We enjoy continued ongoing expansion and demand for our services in Australia and the South Pacific Region that accurately reflects our position as ‘Supplier of Choice.’

Our passionate, knowledgeable team of international trainers are specialized in a range of different fields, with no less than 20 years of training background and experience for each trainer. We work collaboratively with our clients and each other, and bring a ‘magical’ training experience to all our clients, for which we are well renowned.

By having each team member, tertiary qualified and a specialist in their field, we can provide a range of individual, team and Organisational services to clients across any sector.

And if you’re in the audience, we have fun! Lots of it.  There is nothing better than loving learning.